Advisory – Business advice

Strategic business advice

When taking on a business you are taking on an adventure that has not only a start but a middle and an end. At A2T we love seeing new business’s start but more importantly that the business owner is informed and ready for business.

The Beginning

We strive to go beyond the figures and number crunching to actually see your business start out well, prepared for the challenges ahead.

New to Business in Australia?

No business is ever the same, each business owner has different goals, skills and family dynamics. It is important to take all these factors into consideration when deciding on the best structure for your business. A2T pride ourselves on helping new businesses establish an effective and secure tax foundation.

A2T have over 20 years of Australian tax experience. We can assist with forming Australian entities and more importantly helping you understand your business structure and obligations as an Australian business operator.

We are more than happy to share our extensive network of public and private sector contacts throughout Australia.

Specifically, we offer the following services:

  • GST (i.e. sales tax / VAT equivalent) registration and administration
  • PAYG (i.e. payroll) registration and administration
  • Company tax administration and compliance
  • All levels of accounting (management accounting, statutory accounts)
  • Advice and assistance to attend to your superannuation obligations
  • Liaising with auditors (including selection of the firm)
  • Liaising with your financial planner (including selection)
  • Ongoing tax advice
  • Assistance with business plan and finance proposals.
  • General business advice and assistance – and introductions to competent and trustworthy potential suppliers and business partners eg. Marketing & Webpage Development.

Buying a Business?

At A2T we can perform a pre-purchase financial review of a business to ensure you can make an informed decision when buying a business.

With over 20 years of accounting experience we have given advice to a diverse range of businesses from retail, health, agriculture, trade and the professional sector.

We offer a complementary initial meeting to discuss your needs. This is a chance to get a feel for how we could work together and decide whether A2T is the right accounting partner for your business journey.

The Middle

Business Restructuring

A2T also recognise the importance to re-evaluate your business structure in light of changes in legislation, changes in personal circumstances or evolution of your business. The process of restructuring a business is complex and may be fraught with hidden tax obligations.

A2T work with you and your financial planner and lawyer to ensure you achieve the best financial outcome possible.

The End

How do you handover, sell or wind up a business? All options require careful planning to ensure you maximise wealth for you and sometimes even your successors.

Succession Planning

At A2T we can advise on the best approach to hand over the reigns of a family business. We do this in consultation with your financial planner to ensure the plan is aligned with your retirement plan.

For family businesses, we recognise that the retiring owner and successor have different tax planning needs. We aim to provide a plan that will benefit both, to ensure all parties enter into the arrangement confident of the outcome.

Selling a Business?

Just like selling a house, there is always room for improvement to attract a buyer and it requires careful planning and preparation. We can assist you in preparing your business for sale so that you maximise its value. We recommend that this review be done at least 12 months before you put your business on the market.

We can also prepare financial information that assists potential buyers to make informed decisions about the profitability of your business. This gives greater clarity to your financial records so that they can see and appreciate it’s value.